De-centralized Energy

Patriot Energy Systems has engineered Military grade fixed or transportable energy systems custom designed for your unique needs.

Energy has never been more plug and play!

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R12K up to 12,000 watts per unit
P3K   up to 3,000 watts per unit

EMP Shield- Protection in case of a Electro Magnet Pulse, Carrington event or direct lightning strike the unit itself is a grounded Faraday cage.

Who We Are

Off Grid or Emergency Clean Energy. Power when you want it.

True Energy Independence.

Be your Own Utility Company.

Veteran owned and operated in the Pacific Northwest. We believe in clean de-centralized sustainable power harvested from our Star. No pollution just power.


Our manufacturing plants are currently closed to the public due to COVID-19 restrictions.C

R12K 10 Panel Deployed
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The US Government will give you a 26%  Residential Energy credit on these units.

How much Power or Wattage do I need?

Silent, Powerful and Dependable

Our systems are built (in our opinion) with the most reliable parts on the market, choosing not to source from one single entity. With multiple patents (pending) on our units from the umbilical power electronic phasing to the patented EMP Shielding technology, our systems are built to last, even in the harshest enviroments. We manufacture to PEV and UL508A standards. Maintained and serviced routinely, our units will last indefinatley.

The Technology

The only constant in our world is change! Patriot Energy Systems is constantly looking to technology to solve most all our problems and as each new technology evolves so will we.

De-Centralized Savings

Our units are linkable or stand alone. No matter who you piss off they cannot shut off your electricity. If you think things will be fine click button Non-Believers.

From our 3 kilowatt laser cutting, American made steel to welding, sandblasting (0 mill scale) and powder coating, down to the nuts and bolts we source only quality products.

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Renewable,Free Energy