Military Grade for cilvilan use

110, 220, 208  single, dual or 3 phase you name it We will provide it

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48 volt

Each unit can have up to 3 EMP circuits, and the capability of 5,520 Amp hour reserves. Our units are the most powerful transportables money can buy. Linked with 4 slave units (10x500watt panels x 5) will provide 25000 Watts of power on demand. These Units can be bolted to concrete (set) or trailered (transportable). 

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12 Volt

These 3000 watt portables are perfect for the out-doorsman, RV or boat. These systems can come with 2 12 volt 100 amp hour battery's to give 200 amp hours of service. Mount the 100 watt panel and the system is still mobile. 100 lbs with single battery.