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R12K 10 Panel Deployed
12v 230 Amp
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P3K open
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Engineered For Energy
Zero Net Carbon

No matter what your situation is we can provide you with Power, our units are politicly correct, No matter which way you lean our portable units will provide clean renewable energy with no moving parts to break down. Run completely Off-Grid or tap the grid just to top off your battery's. Expandable with Hydro and wind our R-12K provides the complete silent package. You won't have to get on your roof or pay some one too, to clean the these panels, thus reducing time and currency spent on maintenance. Properly maintained, are units can provide over 20 years of power, maintenance free! Set it up and walk away! 


These units are for week-end getaways or emergency power, at 3000 watts or 4hp. Comes with 1-12 volt 100amp Gel battery in a hardened case and 1-125 watt solar panel 100 lbs W Battery


12v 100 Amp

12v 230 Amp


These are our largest production units. Up to 3 battery trays with up to 12 -12 volt 100 amp or 8-12 volt 230 amp battery's per tray (max 3 trays per unit) and can be linked and phased with other units to provide energy at 100K watts or greater (8 or more linked and phased units) and more. Up to12 panels of 300 watts each. 1720 LBS W/O battery's


All of our generators are Plug & Play,

We manufacture, build and sell these units to the highest quality standards. From our "Onsite" certified welding inspector to our 78 point quality control check process.

Parts & Accessory's

We service and sell parts for all our products, only qualified technicians should service our units, please feel free to contact us with any questions.


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